Women and Underrepresented Faculty Mentor Program


This mentor program is designed to bring together four to eight women or underrepresented early career faculty from across campus and advance the group members’ careers by providing both peer and traditional mentorship.


Faculty who are selected for this program will work independently and as a group with a senior faculty mentor.  Groups will include women or underrepresented faculty who are early in their careers at the University of Arkansas. The program is designed to facilitate and enhance the faculty as they matriculate through the academic process.  Groups will meet three (3) times a semester to discuss best practices and tools to achieve positive outcomes. Topics may include publication strategies, managing difficult situations with students and colleagues, and starting and maintaining an active research agenda. This program will be offered in conjunction with the Office for Diversity and Community.

Criteria for Selection

A maximum of eight faculty will be selected for each mentoring group. Participants will be selected based on commonalities and interests. For the groups to be successful, there must be shared interests, challenges and/or characteristics among individual members.

How to Apply

Complete the application for the mentor program. The deadline for this program may be extended if applications are too diverse to form a cohesive group.


In addition to the creation of a cooperative, collaborative environment with a mentor directing the group, each participant will be exposed to various campus policies and procedures. The Office for Faculty Development and Enhancement will provide limited resources for meetings.