International Faculty Enhancement Grant


The International Faculty Enhancement Grant is intended to support faculty members with their comprehensible spoken English and understanding of U.S. classroom culture.


Each semester, a select number of international faculty members will be awarded this grant.  Recipients will meet one-on-one with a trained English language specialist. In an initial meeting, the specialist will discuss the perceived needs with the participant. Based on this initial meeting, the following one-on-one private tutorials will address linguistic and sociolinguistic competencies in five (5) 1-hour/week sessions, or a series of sessions totaling five hours. 

Possible topics include articulation of sounds, word stress, phrasal stress, prominence, intonation, and issues related to teaching and learning within the context of U.S. university culture. If desired, the participant may request the English language specialist to observe a class in which the participant is teaching. The specialist may suggest instructional techniques to enhance spoken language comprehensibility. Sessions are confidential.

The program will be offered in both the fall 2017 and the spring 2018 semesters.


 All full-time international faculty members are eligible for this grant.

How to Apply

Faculty members interested in applying for this program may complete the online form on this page.  The deadline to apply for the International Faculty Enhancement Grant this fall is Friday, December 1st.