Provost's Instructional Enhancement Grant


The Provost’s Instructional Enhancement Grant is intended to support non-tenure-track faculty activities that lead to professional growth in teaching and learning. The purpose of the grant is to assist those with heavy teaching loads, in terms of number of courses and/or number of students.


Faculty (non-tenured/non-tenure-track) who apply for this grant may receive up to $1,500. These funds will support teaching and learning activities such as participation in workshops and seminars, team teaching or organized peer observation.

Ultimately, what is learned from these activities should be applied to the classroom in the 2019-2020 academic year. Preference will be given to proposals that speak to fostering engaged learning and creating small-class experiences in a large lecture.


While all faculty may apply for the Provost’s Instructional Enhancement Grant, preference will be given to full-time, non-tenured/non-tenure-track faculty (teaching, clinical, instructor, etc.) who have taught at the University of Arkansas for at least two years.

How to Apply

Interested faculty should complete the electronic application on this page by 5:00 p.m.  on Monday, March 25. Requests for support to attend a conference or other professional meetings should include an explanation of how such attendance will contribute to development of the faculty member and application in the classroom.

Additionally, applicants should include a project timeline and a plan to assess the project. These materials are detailed further on the application.