The Chancellor’s Innovation and Collaboration Fund


The Chancellor’s Innovation and Collaboration Fund is aimed at further developing the intellectual and creative environment of the University of Arkansas as well as the institution’s impact as a major research university.  As a key economic engine for the State of Arkansas and the state’s flagship research university, the university must continue to build and strengthen its research and discovery enterprise. The Chancellor’s Innovation and Collaboration fund aims to provide seed funding to support bold thinking and risk taking that can launch discovery and creativity based initiatives that advance the university’s strategic priorities, particularly as they relate to: enhancing the research and discovery mission; building a collaborative and innovative campus; strengthening campus graduate programs; and promoting innovation in teaching and learning.

The university will invest approximately up to $1 million in this fund annually to support cutting-edge ideas and collaborations and the fund will provide support for a number of new research, discovery, and creative activity opportunities that have not been possible given the dearth of external competitive programs that support “early stage” funding of new projects and collaborations, and financial constraints previously faced at the university. Investments of the fund into faculty initiated projects will not only lead to new academic directions, but will also increase the competitiveness of the university and faculty for external funding and raise the recognition and distinction of the University of Arkansas’ discovery, innovation, creative activities and scholarly programs.