Advancement for Associate Professors


The Associate Professor Advancement Program is designed to guide associate professors to become stronger candidates for promotion to full professorship.


Professors who are chosen to participate in this program will receive up to $1,000 to help "jump start" their research agendas.  They will also work with an approved mentor who will guide them over the course of the year through the faculty promotion process. Mentors should be selected based on mutual research expertise. Applications are due by April 5, 2018, and the program will officially begin on August 20. Participants should expect this timeline:

Summer/Fall Semester

  • Associate professor meets with department head/chair
  • Associate professor identifies a mentor
  • Associate professor submits completed application to dean
  • Dean forwards names to vice provost for faculty development and enhancement

Spring Semester

  • With mentor, associate professor (mentee) defines research agendas or refocuses past agendas
  • Mentor/mentee propose research plan
    • Plan will be filed with department head/chair and dean
  • Mentor/mentee follow up and review progress and accomplishments


Applicants should be associate professors who have held that rank for at least seven (7) years and should be able to show a productive research and/or teaching career at the University of Arkansas.

Criteria for Selection

Mentor Selection and Approval

  1. Each eligible associate professor who wishes to participate in AAP will meet with the chair of his/her department. The associate professor will be asked to identify two obstacles to his/her pursuit of full professor rank. The meeting is intended to evaluate the associate professor’s teaching load and address relevant topics such as seed money, release time or teaching/graduate assistants.
  2. The associate professor will then identify a faculty mentor – a full, University or Distinguished Professor – with whom they wish to work during the following two semesters. This selection would ideally be made with regard to academic and/or research interests and after consultation with the department chair or head.
  3. Upon selection of a mentor, the associate professor will notify the department head of the selection, at which time the mentor relationship will be formalized.
  4. The associate professor will submit the completed application to the dean, who will then submit the application to the vice provost for faculty development and enhancement.
  5. All the mentors/mentees will be announced by late spring semester.

Associate Professor/Mentor Interaction

  1. Together, the associate professor and the mentor will define research agendas or refocus past agendas.
  2. The relationship between the associate professor and his or her mentor will include a minimum of two meetings each semester.
    1. In the first meeting, the associate professor will propose a research plan. Upon review, this plan will be filed with the department head and dean or their designee/associate dean. This plan shall include focus on direction as well as a time table.
    2. The following meeting will be in the following semester to review progress and accomplishments.
    3. The mentor/mentee will meet informally as needed.

As a part of the AAP program, the associate professor must demonstrate an understanding of what is expected of him/her. This can vary considerably based on discipline, but specific areas such as the following should be addressed: time commitment, maintaining contact and final product.

How to Apply

Professors who are eligible for the Associate Professor Advancement Program may nominate themselves or be nominated by their department chair.

The deadline to apply for the Associate Professor Advancement Program is April 5, 2017. 

Associate Professor Advancement Program Application


Each mentor’s responsibilities include a brief written report listing the progression and accomplishments of the associate professor assigned to them. This time commitment will be reflected in the full professor’s workload. In addition, each full professor who serves as a mentor will receive $500 for his/her development account.