Bus Tour

The best way for our new faculty to learn more about their new home is to visit the places and meet the people that make Arkansas so unique. This bus tour allows them to see the state, meet Arkansans, visit the schools and hometowns of their students and see some of the outreach and research the U of A does across our state.

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on the bus

The 2018 Bus Tour took us to...

McGehee--Where we were able to meet potential students and gain a better understanding of where our students come from.

McGehee High School

McGehee High School

Little Rock--The Razorbacks' home away from home; a city full of civil rights history, on the banks of the Arkansas River.

little rock 9 museum

Historic Central High Museum

And Dumas--Where our visit made the front page of the paper.  A south Arkansas agricultural community that loves the outdoors.

dumas newspaper

And those were just a few of the stops we made on our three day adventure.

As enlightening as our exploration of the state was, Bus Tourists claimed the connections made between colleagues as the most enduring take away.

"It was inspirational to hear our Professors who come from diverse backgrounds share their stories and research."

"I felt very energized and excited to meet my colleagues and have already started thinking about potential projects to do with them."

"I loved the Bus Tour, and would highly recommend this to any of my colleagues."

(Quotes were taken from Evaluation Forms)