Investing in Our Faculty

Advancement for Associate Professors

The Associate Professor Advancement Program is designed to guide associate professors to become stronger candidates for promotion to full professorship.
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All Department Chairs Roundtable

The purpose of the roundtable events is to establish relationships with other department chairs and build a network of support.
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Chancellor's Academic Fellows

The Chancellor’s Academic Fellows program is intended to assist senior faculty who have an interest and/or talent in administration.
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Provost's Collaborative Research Grants

The Provost’s Collaborative Research Grants are intended to help faculty with research and scholarly production.
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Provost's Faculty Enrichment Series

The Faculty Enrichment Series hosts sessions that address a variety of topics and issues that faculty face in their teaching and research.
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Provost's Instructional Enhancement Grant

The purpose of the Provost's Instructional Enhancement Grant is to encourage and support excellence in teaching and learning by recognizing and rewarding faculty for promoting effective earning and innovative activities.
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Research Camp

The purpose of the research camp is to introduce faculty who are starting their research program to strategies and techniques that will make their research programs successful.
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Travel Assistance Program

As part of the new Faculty Development and Enhancement initiative, tenured or tenure-track faculty may receive travel assistance if they are presenting at a conference.
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Women and Underrepresented Faculty Mentor Program

This mentor program is designed to bring together four to eight women or underrepresented early career faculty from across campus and advance the group members’ careers by providing both peer and traditional mentorship.
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